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Here are some of hunaniaith’s current projects to give you a taste of what we do.

Language Transmission Pack

The Trosglwyddo’r Gymraeg (Welsh Language Transmission) pack has been given to workers in Gwynedd who work with young children and their families.

The pack helps them to discuss Welsh language transmission with parents, and includes o lot of information and research on how children develop and learn languages.

The pack includes a FAQ section to help the workers to answer questions by parents about introducing the Welsh language to their children.

The pack also provides information about the Welsh language, such as the latest statistics on how many people speak Welsh and which events in the history of Wales explain why a number of Welsh speakers lack confidence in their Welsh speaking abilities even now.

In addition to this, there are a number of activities included in the pack intended for any workers who get the opportunity to hold sessions with parents, to help parents understand the importance of introducing their children to the Welsh language.

If you work with young children and their families in Gwynedd, and would like to receive a pack to help you discuss this topic with parents, get in touch with us.


Gwynedd Primary Schools’ Welsh Language Charter

The purpose of the Gwynedd Primary Schools’ Welsh Language Charter is to ensure that the Welsh language, and its social usage by children and young people flourishes.
The charter is similar to schemes in similar fields such as the ‘Green Schools” and ‘Healthy Schools’ schemes, and aims to help primary schools in Gwynedd to encourage their pupils to make more use of the Welsh language in social contexts.

For more information go to the Cynnal moodle site

Language Awareness Activity Pack

A pack of activities for raising awareness of the Welsh Language has been produced in conjunction with the Gwynedd Youth Service.

The pack includes 5 activities to help youth club leaders to run activities with their members to raise awarness of the Welsh Language among young people.

The Urdd and the Young Farmers will also be offered the activities packs.




Sustainable Communities

hunaniaith is part of the Sustainable Communities project in Gwynedd. The project will assist 5 communities in planning a more sustainable future. hunaniaith will work with the 5 communities to conduct an assessment of the current state of the Welsh language within those communtieis, and assist them in considering how best to protect and strengthen the standing of the Welsh language within the community and within the developments that will come about in the wake of the Sustainable Communities project.

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Debbie Anne Williams Jones - Welsh Language Officer
Ifan Llewelyn Jones - Welsh Language Development Officer


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