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Try something new in Welsh with Blas ar Bopeth

Gwyl Feithrin eleni!

Do something new in Welsh! That’s the message behind the ‘Blas ar Bopeth’ project, run by Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint. What about learning a new language, or a new skill or craft? Over the coming months Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint will be hosting a series of community workshops, including cooking with Caffi Florence, making jewellery with Gaenor Roberts from TLWS jewellers and learning Spanish or German. The courses will all be taught in Welsh, but learners are invited to come along and practise their Welsh in a fun, informal setting.

Rebecca Roberts, Welsh Language and Heritage Officer for Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint said, ‘Blas ar Bopeth is a great opportunity to socialise in Welsh and to try your hand at something new. The Menter is pleased that we can offer learners of all ages a chance to develop skills – it’s an especially valuable opportunity to use Welsh outside of a formal classroom setting, and to get to know your local Welsh-speaking community.’

All courses are free but places are limited. Reserve your place by e-mailing rebecca@misyff.co.uk or by phoning 01352 744042.

Cynhadledd Cydweithio Dros y Gymraeg 2013 (Welsh only available)

Flintshire Heritage Art Project 2013

cef treuddyn
murun mornant

As part of the Co-operational Language project, Welsh artists Mari Gwent and Cefyn Burgess were commissioned to work with 4 primary schools in rural Flintshire, to create art work which would reflect local history and heritage.

The workshops were organised as part of their Co-operative Language Project, with the aid of Axis 4 of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

Celf Treuddyn

Murlun Mornant


New project will ‘celebrate culture in north east Wales’.

A new project has received £180,000 to enable Mentrau Iaith and the Welsh for Adults Centre to ‘celebrate culture in North east Wales’. The Co-operational Language Project is a collaborative effort by the Conwy, Denbighshire, Flintshire and Wrexham Welsh language initiatives in partnership with Rural Development Agency Cadwyn Clwyd and the North Wales Welsh for Adults Centre. Rural areas across the four counties will see considerable investment with the aim of promoting the Welsh language and culture within communities, organisations, businesses, councils and schools.

The project will run art and filmmaking workshops to bring Welsh heritage alive, will fund taster sessions to encourage young people to consider careers using Welsh, and will build community capacity by assisting in development of exhibitions and arranging trips. It will also support businesses as the National Eisteddfod comes to Denbighshire, by offering Welsh language awareness sessions.

Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint will implement the project on behalf of the partnership. Manager Gwawr Cordiner said, “We are so glad that the Rural Development Scheme for Wales 2007 – 2013 is funding this project and allowing Mentrau Iaith to continue promoting the Welsh language . We hope to go from strength to strength by building on the success of previous projects, strengthening the ties between Welsh institutions in north east Wales, and through this, raising the area’s reputation as a cultural destination.”

The Co-operative Language Project was developed with the aid of Axis 4 of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.

3 projects

Outdoor Project

Community Translation

Welsh Language Courses

Treuddyn Welsh Neighbourhood Action Plan
Between February and March 2012 Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint’s Language and Heritage Officer facilitated meetings with members of the Welsh speaking community in Treuddyn. Meetings were held on 07/02/12, 22/02/12 and 06/03/12 between 6pm and 7.30pm in the Treuddyn Village Hall.
Representatives of the following orgaisations were present:
- Eisteddfod Treuddyn
- Capel y Rhos
- Ysgol Terrig (Welsh)
- Ysgol Parc Y Llan (English/bilingua;)
- Sir y Fflint Dros Addysg Cymraeg (SYFFLAG)
- Cylch Ti a Fi a Meithrin Terrig
- Treuddyn Under 5s
- Treuddyn Community Association
- Treuddyn Young Farmers

The purpose of the meetings was to create a discussion group, in order to develop a Welsh communities action plan to promote and safeguard the Welsh language in the village. After discussing five key areas for preservation and promotion of the language, the following action points were agreed upon.

Treuddyn Action Plan
1. To celebrate the Urdd turning 90 with activities and a community exhibition.
2. To re-launch the Urdd aelwyd / adran / isadran and increase the Urdd’s presence in the area.
3. Sports sessions available to young people through the medium of Welsh.
4. An art heritage project to create an installation for the village hall.
5. Work to ensure a TWF officer for Flintshire, to raise awareness of the advantages of being bilingual from birth.
6. Support parents who send their children into Welsh medium education, to make them aware of the support available to families, by holding open evenings and information stands
7. More Welsh language events within the Cylch Ti a Fi.
8. Host information stands / presentations / exhibitions which will raise awareness of the advantages of Welsh medium education.
9. Seek to establish Welsh for Adults classes within the village.
10. Encourage parents to send their children to Welsh secondary education by strengthening the links between primary and secondary school.
11. Create a Welsh language social club – Trigolion Terrig.
12. Encourage local establishments to make greater use of the Welsh language in marketing, and to make good bilingual use of the local press and new media.
13. Identify volunteers within the community who are able to translate text for the Treuddyn.org website into Welsh on demand.
14. Host an evening to enable local businesses to network and learn more about the advantages of bilingual marketing.

If you would like more information about any of the above activites or the consultation process, contact Rebecca Davies: rebecca@menteriaithsiryfflint.co.uk or 01352 744042.

End of Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint’s Language and Heritage Project

Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint’s Language and Heritage Project has come to an end after three successful years serving rural Flintshire. The project was established to promote the Welsh language and raise awareness of Flintshire’s history and heritage among locals and visitors. It was funded with the aid of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.
The generous grant paid for community consultation and planning process to develop a Welsh Language Technium. It also employed a full-time Language and Heritage Officer, who worked to develop the use of Welsh within the rural area. The officer supported organisations and local committees, as well as organising free community events.
In March 2011 the project was granted a further £70,000 funding to continue its work, and to implement a Bilingual Marketing Grant for local businesses.
The project has worked with over 700 adults and over 2000 children. It has offered financial and practical support to 20 societies/organisations, 30 schools and 13 micro enterprises.
Gwawr Cordiner, Chief Officer of Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint said, “This project has exceeded our expectations, as well as our targets. Thanks to the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013, the people of Flintshire have received investment of almost £300,000 to help maintain the Welsh language and heritage within our county. We hope that our project has contributed towards enjoyment and understanding of Flintshire’s heritage, and aided in the preservation of our precious culture for future generations. Thanks go to the Welsh Government, EAFRD and our many partners and supporters for helping to make this project such a success.”

Heritage Art Project
As part of Menter Iaith’s Language and Heritage project 5 artists were commissioned to work with 5 primary schools in rural Flintshire, to create art work which would reflect local history and heritage.

The art workshops were funded by their Language and Heritage project with the aid of the Rural Development Plan for Wales 2007-2013 which is funded by the Welsh Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development.   

Ysgol Gwenffrwd
If you go to Ysgol Gwenffrwd in Holywell, you’ll see a princess with an umbrella, two children at sea (in a frying pan), two little dogs searching for their shoes and a black bird with wooden legs! The wall pictures are part of an art project where the school’s infants classes worked with Welsh artist Rhian Haf to interpret traditional Welsh nursery rhymes. The children drew scenes from old favourites ‘Mi welais jac y do’, ‘Dau gi bach’ , ‘Tŷ bach twt’ , ‘Bwrw Glaw’ and ‘Fuoch erioed yn morio?’ (trans. ‘I saw a black bird’, ‘Two little dogs’, ‘Tidy little house’ and ‘Pouring with rain’ and ‘Have you ever been sailing?’) The pictures were then magnified to ten times their original size, so that they could be painted onto wood.

Headmistress Iola Owen said, ‘The wall murals make Ysgol Gwenffrwd’s main entrance look so colourful and welcoming, and the children are overjoyed at seeing their handiwork on display. The project has been a chance for them to interpret age-old nursery rhymes which are completely unique to the Welsh language.

Ysgol Trelogan 
Pupils from Ysgol Gynradd Trelogan have been working with artist Tricia Jones to create a mural reflecting the history of their area.

The mural is a Roman mosaic, Tricia’s specialist medium, made out of vitreous glass tiles and recycled crockery. The featured pictures were all drawn by the children, and they chose important people and objects from Trelogan and Berthengam’s history as their theme.  
Artist Tricia Jones said “It has been wonderful working with the year 5 and 6 pupils. They know so much about the history of their area, and obviously are very proud of their village and its heritage.”

The mural depicts author Emlyn Williams and tenor David Lloyd; and as well as famous former inhabitants, the children chose to include some current residents of Berthengam – the ducks who dwell in the pond just down the road from the school. A Davy lamp and canary are also featured, in reference to those who worked at the nearby mines, and a ration book and pictures of two evacuees have been included in memory of those who came to Trelogan during World War 2.

Ysgol Perth Y Terfyn 
Students at Ysgol Perth y Terfyn visited St Winifred’s well to learn more about the fascinating Welsh legend of Santes Gwenffrewi, and to research the well’s history for their art project.  In addition to touring the well and adjoining museum, they spent the afternoon at the Holywell Arts and Crafts Mill, working with local artists Dee Rivaz and Clarrie Flavell to gather ideas for their art work.  Following the trip the pupils have been working with the artists to create two wall hangings interpreting their experience of the well. They have experimented with art techniques such as jewellery setting, weaving, printing and map making – all traditional techniques which were used during St Winifred’s lifetime.

Artist Dee Rivaz said “The children have gained so many new skills during this project and have produced some beautiful work; but more than that we hope that workshops have also enhanced their appreciation of spirituality and taught them about traditions such as pilgrimages and prayer. St Winifred’s well is a wonderful place to visit, and we hope that this project will give the children a deeper understanding of what makes it so special.”

Ysgol Bro Carmel 
Pupils from Ysgol Bro Carmel have been working with ceramic artist Wendy Lawrence to create an eight foot long landscape, depicting the school, striking buildings in Carmel village, nearby industries and the view across the river Dee.  The mural is bordered by tiles showing the area’s flora and fauna. Such a large mural needed a lot of tiles – so everybody, from infants to teachers were drafted in to carve and colour clay tiles.  The clay was then painted with vivid colours and fired to create a dramatic panorama of Carmel’s countryside. The finished mural adorns the base of the school’s stage.

Ysgol Rhos Helyg

If you happen to pass Ysgol Rhos Helyg in Berth Ddu you might spot a dragon staring out at you from the school yard! The gigantic dragon was made out of willow as part of Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint’s heritage art project by school pupils and artist Sarah Gallagher.  A knight and his horse stand next to the dragon – not to fight the monster but to remind people of a legend from Halkyn Common, ‘Naid y March’ (trans. The horse’s jump).  The story dates back to the 15th century and tells how Thomas ap Harri and his horse jumped an incredible 22 feet across a mine shaft!

Rebecca Davies, Menter Iaith Sir Y Fflint’s Language and Heritage Officer said, “The aim of the heritage art project was to make Flintshire primary school pupils more aware of local histories and famous Flintshire inhabitants.  But having seen the sheer size of Ysgol Rhos Helyg’s sculptures, I’m sure they’ll provoke the interest of anybody who passes the school – it’s impossible not to notice them!”

Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint's Language and Heritage Project
Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint received approval from Flintshire’s Rural Partnership and the Welsh Assembly Government to develop a Language and Heritage Project for the Rural Development programme in Flintshire in July 2008. The project is partly funded by the Flintshire Language Forum, the Welsh Assembly Government and the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development. Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint is delivering the project on behalf of the Flintshire Language Forum.
The project provides a Language and Heritage Officer who develops and supports specific projects, in order to raise awareness and understanding of local Flintshire residents and visitors of the Welsh and Anglo-Welsh Culture. 
Some of the projects organised by Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint include: 

  • Community story telling events.

  • Heritage and craft workshops.

  • Visits to local museums and cultural locations.

  • Community workshops including dance and music events.

  • Awareness sessions on the Welsh  language, culture and heritage.

Here are some of the activities organised by Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint as part of their Language and Heritage project: 

Buckley Pottery Mural 
A group of enthusiastic Welsh learners came together to work with community artist Mari Gwent came to Flintshire to create a mural based on Buckley’s famous pottery.
The workshops, held January 30th, February 6th and 13th and organised by Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint, were an opportunity for the county’s residents to learn more about one of the area’s oldest industries, create a work of art and practise their Welsh in a relaxed atmosphere. 

Storytelling sessions with Cath Aran 
On October 20st a’r 21st the nationally-famous storyteller Cath Aran came to Mold to entertain the residents of Flintshire with traditional Welsh stories and fables. 
On the 20th Cath went to Bryn Coch and Glanrafon primary schools to relate Welsh stories to pupils and their parents.  The following day was the turn of Mold’s secondary schools, Maes Garmon and Alun School, to hear Cath’s interpretation of one of Wales’s oldest legends, that of Blodeuwedd. 
The senior classes witnessed Cath’s ‘darker side’ when the lights were dimmed and she related the story of a young girl who lost her head following an encounter with a ghost at a hotel in Rhyl! 
Pete Bryon, head of Welsh at Alun School, said “Year 10 enjoyed listening to Blodeuwedd’s tale, and I’m sure they enjoyed the ghost story too, even if a few of them will be sleeping with the lights on for a while!” 
On the evening of the 20th, a party of brave adults gathered at Nercwys Tower to hear Cath’s rendition of various ghost stories from across North Wales.  They head the story of the Caerwys Witch, the Black Knight with the Red Plume, the haunting of Bryn yr Ellyllon, Rhyl’s haunted hotel; and of course, the history of Rheinallt ap Bleddyn ap Gruffudd who, by all accounts, hung the Mayor of Chester in the same banqueting hall the group were sitting in!

Fun for the Family in Gronant
On September 15th 2009, Gronant Family Centre, Flintshire Menter Iaith and Deeside College held a Fun and Games For The Family afternoon for residents of Gronant, Talacre, Picton, Pen y Ffordd, Ffynnongroyw and Mostyn. Amongst the activities were face painting, nail art, a treasure hunt, Rimbojam karaoke with the Urdd mascots Cadi and Dai, arts and crafts, clay modelling and fun Welsh song and story sessions. All activities were free of charge and there was also an opportunity to sign up for Deeside College’s Fun For the Family Welsh course. 

Wild Workshops 
During the autumn half term holidays 2009 Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint worked with local companies and societies to hold a number of Welsh-language ‘wild workshops’ to help local children learn more about the natural world. There was a Wild Art session at the Northop Campus of Deeside College, a Survival in the Wild Workshop with the Flintshire Forest School and a Wild Woodlands walk through the through Whitford woods with Iwan Roberts of Cymdeithas Edward Llwyd. 

Oakenholt Mural 
Throughout March 2009  the popular artist Cefyn Burgess  worked with the pupils of Ysgol Croes Atti and members of the community to produce a textile wall hanging for the school hall that will represent the Flint / Oakenholt area.  Cefyn Burgess’s work is not only well known in this country but also in the USA where his unique techniques of using textiles to create beautiful murals amaze many people. The mural is on display at Ysgol Croes Atti in Flint. 

Puppet workshop
Cwmni Cortyn puppet company visited five primary schools in Flintshire including Ysgol Terrig, Glanrafon, Croes Atti, Gwenffrwd and Mornant to facilitate a puppet making workshop for children under the age of seven. The theme - “Heroes of Wales”  gave the children an opportunity  to explore their own Welsh identity, history and language. The puppets they created were then displayed at the Gallery at Clwyd Theatr Cymru in December. 

Writing workshops
Throughout the Language and Heritage Project Menter Iaith has offered creative writing workshops with famous Welsh authors and poets, including: Mei Mac, Twm Morys, Sian Northey, Iwan Llwyd and Ifor ap Glyn and an Evening with the Taeogion.


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