Menter Iaith Sir Y Fflint


What is a Menter Iaith?

Every Menter (plural: Mentrau) Iaith is different, just as every area served by the Mentrau Iaith is different, but some of the core activities are common to them all, namely those aimed at the promotion of the use of the Welsh language as a natural social medium, promotion of the Welsh language as a visual medium (on posters/signs etc), promotion of the Welsh language as a language of business, encouraging the transmission of the Welsh language from generation to generation within families, and generally raising awareness of the benefits of being bilingual. All the Mentrau Iaith in Wales are funded in part by the Welsh Government and partly from other sources. Every Menter Iaith is a voluntary body with a membership and steering committees. Some Mentrau are registered charities and some are also companies limited by guarantee.

Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint

Menter Iaith Sir y Fflint is a not for profit organisation and it's main aim is to promote and increase the use of the Welsh language on a community basis in the county, ensuring that the language becomes a central part of every day life and that the responsibility for its future is shared by all.

We work closely with the Welsh Government Language Unit, Flintshire County Council and other grant providers and local partners to create opportunities for children, young people, adults and Welsh learners to increase their use of the Welsh language outside school hours and the working environment.

We also work with the local business community to raise awareness of the economic value of the Welsh language and culture, to encourage organisations to make small but effective steps towards introducing the Welsh language to the working environment and to see bilingualism as an additional skill in their workforce.





Contact Details

Menter Iaith Sir Y Fflint
Uned 3
Parc Busnes Yr Wyddgryg
Ffordd Wrecsam
Yr Wyddgrug

Tel: 01352 744040
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Employed Staff

Chief Officer  - Gill Stephen - Mobile - 07971046005

Communications Officer - Rhian Davies (Part Time)

Welsh Language Development Officer  - Emma Lloyd

Business Officer - Ffion Witham (Part Time)


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