Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych


What is Menter Iaith?
Every Menter (plural: Mentrau) Iaith is different, just as every area served by Mentrau Iaith is different, but some of the core activities are common to them all, namely those aimed at the promotion of the use of the Welsh language as a natural social medium, promotion of the Welsh language as a visual medium (on posters/signs etc), promotion of the Welsh language as a language of business, encouraging the transmission of the Welsh language from generation to generation within families, and generally raising awareness of the benefits of being bilingual.  All the Mentrau Iaith of Wales are funded in part by the Welsh Government and partly from other sources. Every Menter Iaith is a voluntary body with a membership and steering committees. Some Mentrau are registered charities and some are also companies limited by guarantee.

Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych
Our aims, as stated in our constitution are to:

1. Normalise the use of the Welsh language in all aspects of life in the County.
2. To ensure that there are opportunities and encouragement for incomers to learn Welsh and for the indigenous population to develop their knowledge and use of the language.
3. To ensure that all of the County’s social, economic, cultural and educational activities become fully bilingual.

The above are long-term objectives and not achievable overnight. They do however set a clear agenda and the Menter’s mid-term aims derive naturally from them.

Our activities are currently concentrated in three main areas:
1.Young people (i.e. increasing the use of the Welsh language among young people)
2.Families and the Community
3. Increasing the influence of Language Schemes

Within these areas we are working to:

  • Increase the number of children and young people using Welsh naturally and confidently outside school.

  • Increase the number of children being brought up bilingually, either by encouraging more Welsh speaking parents to pass on the language to their children or by encouraging non-Welsh speaking parents to choose Welsh-medium education.

  • Raising awareness of the Welsh language and culture and increasing the number of opportunities to use the language in the community.

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Contact Details

You can contact us by writing to:
Menter Iaith Sir Ddinbych
Adeilad Diemwnt
6 Heigad
Dinbych Sir Ddinbych
LL16 3LE

e-mail:  menter@menterdinbych.org
by phone (01745) 812822
or you are always welcome to pop in to the office for a chat.


Ruth Williams - Chief Officer
[e] - e-mail [t] - 01745 812822

Iorwen Jones - Business Officer
[e] - e-mail [t] - 01745 812822

Cathryn Griffith - Memory Museum Project Officer
[e] - e-mail [t] - 01745 812822

Gwion Tomos-Jones - Community Development Officer
[e] - e-bost [t] - 01745 812822




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